The Importance of: Afterschool Programs

When you were younger, I bet you didn’t tell yourself, “I want to be an afterschool program coordinator!” If you were like me, you did not. Throughout my school life from kindergarten to high school (K-12), I went home right after school with an occasional sport here or there. During that time, I imagined I would become a teacher, a ballerina, or an interior designer. However, the job market is an ever changing place, full of jobs we may or may not have heard of. As  millennials, we often search for jobs that fulfill us on a deeper level yet also match our skill sets. I am thankful that, in 2013, I took a chance on a job with an afterschool program and learned what a vital niche I could fill. Continue reading

YNPN + You

If you read my previous blog post about my experience at the YNPN National Conference in Portland this summer, you got a little taste of who YNPN National is and how our chapter fits into the greater network. My goal in this post is to dig a bit deeper and share some exciting news about how our chapter and you, our members and friends, will begin to connect further with our greater national network. To give a little background… Continue reading

Meet Annette Fetter, YNPN Cleveland Ambassador

When YNPN Cleveland Ambassador Annette Fetter was younger, she thought she’d one day become a teacher because of how much she enjoyed playing “school” with her sisters. These days, while Annette is not technically a teacher, she is still using her skills to share information in a variety of ways to teach people about the organization for which she works, Kidney Foundation of Ohio (KFO). Continue reading

#YNPN16: A Report on the Annual Conference

Last week, from August 5 to 7, hundreds of young nonprofit professionals gathered in Portland, Oregon for the 10th YNPN National Conference hosted by YNPN Portland. Since 2007, YNPN Chapter Leaders from across the country have been meeting to hone their leadership skills, share ideas (what works and what doesn’t!), and build relationships with other like-minded young nonprofit professionals around the United States. Continue reading

7 things Hogwarts taught me about running a successful business

  I grew up with Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and Ron Weasley. We attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry together. While they did not officially offer a business course, that didn’t stop me from learning a ton about running a successful business inside those castle walls. Here are my top lessons I learned during my studies.   Continue reading

Local Organization Spotlight: because I said I would.

      Because I said I would (BISIW) is both a nonprofit organization, headquartered locally in Rocky River, and a social movement dedicated to inspiring individuals to make and keep their commitments.  With twelve staff members, the organization is currently the largest it has been, and it is steadily growing as more and more people learn of its mission to better humanity.  The organization and its founder, Alex Sheen (pictured above, speaking at YNPN Cleveland's Anniversary Party in May 2016), believe that they are unique because their mission is universal—they say: “Regardless of anything that makes us different - age, geography, financial status, sexual orientation, gender, skin color, language… anyone can learn to make and keep a promise to do something good in this world.” Continue reading

Meet the Board: Lauren Bajda, Ambassador Program Chair

  Education and community are the common threads in Lauren Bajda’s background.  Lauren currently works at Lexington-Bell Community Center in Cleveland’s Hough neighborhood, where she coordinates afterschool and summer programs for high school students.  Now, she also serves on YNPN Cleveland’s Board of Directors as the chair of our Ambassador Program.  In this role, she coordinates highly-motivated volunteers to meet our organization’s operational needs.    Continue reading

Meet the Board: Ruthie Haggerty, Membership Chair

   Ruthie Haggerty, YNPN Cleveland’s new Membership Chair, represents an important sector of Cleveland’s nonprofit community: museums!  She brings her experience as the Membership Manager at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) Cleveland to her role on our organization’s board.  She is also a Cleveland native, and we look forward to tapping into her local cultural expertise as well.  Continue reading

Meet the Board: Kara Whaley, Budget and Evaluation Support

  It’s a good thing that Kara Whaley says that her superpower is spreadsheets because she’s joined YNPN Cleveland’s Board of Directors to provide Budget and Evaluation Support.  She currently works in web design and administration at Annevar Media, LLC, a job that started out part-time as she tried to figure out what she really wanted to do.  She now enjoys this work very much.  It involves connecting with clients, managing data, and learning new things—all skills that make her perfect to serve on our organization’s Board.   Continue reading

Meet the Board: MacKenzie Phillips, Ex-Officio

  MacKenzie Phillips came to Cleveland from Arkansas, and we’re happy she’s here—and that she knew about YNPN from her previous experiences in her Arkansas chapter! Because YNPN is a national network, she knew that finding a Cleveland chapter would bring her in touch with young professionals with similar goals. After serving as YNPN Cleveland’s President (2015-2016), MacKenzie now serves as our Ex Officio to advise the Board of Directors and to build partnerships between YNPN Cleveland and like-minded organizations.   Continue reading