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If you’ve thought about blogging, but can’t quite manage to start a blog of your own, YNPN Cleveland has the answer for you—contribute to ours!  YNPN Cleveland seeks interesting, talented, and engaged folks to write posts on topics related to professional development and the nonprofit community in Cleveland.  We’re excited to launch this new online phase of building a community of young nonprofit professionals, and we know that we’re lucky to count so many smart and enthusiastic people among our membership. 

Here are the kinds of posts we’re looking for: 

  • How-tos—have you mastered any of the complicated procedures involved in finding a job and then excelling it in?  How-tos are a way to share lessons you’ve learned with the YNPN Cleveland community.  Do you have experience with interviewing or hiring people?  Write a how-to about best cover letter approaches or new tips for prepping for an interview.  Have you successfully transitioned between organizations or into a nonprofit career?  Write a how-to about applying skills across nonprofit sectors. 
  • Personal stories—do you have a story about something that’s changed the way you’ve viewed your career, Cleveland, or the world?  Share this story with us to motivate readers who may face similar challenges or to bring awareness to an issue that you think deserves attention in the nonprofit community.
  • Case studies—have you recently completed a huge project at work?  Tell us about how this work impacts our community, and tell us what other young professionals can learn from it.  These case studies may also be profiles of an organization or a community project that you think our members might be interested in knowing more about.
  • Book reviews—have you recently read a great book about the nonprofit world and/or professional development?  Or maybe you just finished reading a motivational book?  Use this opportunity to tell us why it would be a useful resource to nonprofit YPs or why you think it needed to say more to be successful.

You might be wondering: why blog?  We know many young professionals who are uncomfortable writing, even if they do it every day.  We also know that job-seekers need writing samples, but don’t always have ones outside of school papers or unrelated documents.  Yet clear, analytical writing is a skill that employers seek and a skill that some actively encourage through requiring employees to blog.  For these reasons, we’re offering the opportunity to publish 500-700 word blog posts as a perk of YNPN Cleveland Membership! 

If you’re interested in submitting an idea for a blog post, or you have questions about what we’re looking for, email with the word “blog” in your subject line!  Please send proposals only, and we’ll respond within ten business days. After ideas are approved by a YNPN Cleveland Board Member, a deadline will be arranged.  All authors will receive bylines on the blog, and all posts will be actively promoted on YNPN Cleveland social media and in our newsletters.

We look forward to reading your stories!

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