Cleveland Cares: Helping Others this Holiday Season

This holiday season, use your talents and resources to benefit the local Cleveland community. 

Cleveland Cares

It's that time of year... the stores are packed with holiday shoppers looking for the perfect gift for their loved ones (or themselves!) And while we love a good gift exchange, we also value the importance of giving back. There's plenty of people, organizations, and causes in need this season. In fact, there's so much need - it can sometimes be overwhelming. Here's a round-up of some simple ways you can make a big impact in the Cleveland community this holiday season. 

Purchase a subscription to Cleveland Magazine

Now, you're probably confused. Hey - I read this blog post to give back... not to buy things! Cleveland Magazine combines the best of both worlds this holiday season! If you purchase a 1-year subscription to the magazine, they'll donate the cost ($20) to a charity partner of your choice! 

Christmas Dinners in Cleveland

The Greater Cleveland Food Bank has plenty of volunteer opportunities throughout the year, with some additional opportunities added around the holiday season. Volunteers can work the kitchen, repack donated food items, and help distribute produce. 

Give the Gift of Reading

The Cleveland Kid's Book Bank has plenty of volunteer opportunities, too! With more than 1 million books distributed throughout the community, volunteers are always needed to organize the stacks. They also accept book donations if organizing a book collection is more your style. 

Play Santa Clause... without carrying around a heavy sack of toys

Cuyahoga County's Children and Family Services hosts a Hope for the Holidays program each year, ensuring that children in the foster system still get to experience the joy of the holiday season. You can help purchase individual toys or adopt a family in need! 

Plant Seeds of Hope this Holiday Season

Maria's Field of Hope is a gorgeous and moving spectacle for Cleveland resident's to visit in the warmer months, but their mission doesn't stop when the weather gets chillier! The organization, Prayers for Maria, hosts a Christmas Shop at their home office in Rocky River. Purchase apparel, cozy hats, and beautiful prints of the field for a unique holiday stocking stuffer. 

Get Hands on this Season

HandsOn Northeast Ohio is hosting holiday drives to benefit local community members in need. Donate items from hygiene kits to warm and cozy coats to keep our Cleveland neighbors cozy this season. 

Keeping the cats and dogs cozy, too

The Friends of The Cleveland Kennel have a holiday wishlist to keep their animals happy and healthy before finding their forever homes. You can organize a collection through a group or at work, or just drop by the kennel with items from the wishlist! 

Help Create a Christmas Store 

At Maggie's Place, the workers empower mothers living in the home to shop for their children and families for Christmas at extremely discounted prices. This allows them to keep their dignity and heads high while distributing Christmas gifts. Donate gifts to the home from their Amazon Wish List or just pop by with some fun goodies! 

Donate to a Wall of Love

On the corner of W. 25 and Memphis Avenue, you'll see a Wall of Love - a fence full of bags of hats, gloves, scarves, and other winter necessities. Hosted by resident Holly Jackson, the wall accepts donations that any community member can take as needed. Donations for the most recent wall can be dropped off at The Cleveland Restaurant on West 61 and Memphis.

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