Get Involved

Ready to engage with a energetic community of young nonprofit professionals? It's easy to get involved.  Here are a few ways you can get started:

Become a Member
By joining the YNPN Cleveland team, you're saying "I believe in this!" At the same time, members enjoy a number of valuable benefits including reduced or free admission to our programs and events, a members-only e-newsletter and  more. Learn more.

Join a Committee
As a volunteer-run organization, YNPN Cleveland relies on its committee members, called "ambassadors," to carry out its day-to-day work.  Anyone willing to lend a hand can become a part of our growing ambassador program. Learn more

Host an Event
One way we make sure we're connected with Cleveland's nonprofit community is by seeking hosts for many of our meetings and events. If you have connections to a local nonprofit with a meeting space, we'd love to learn how we can partner.  In addition to getting out into the community, this is a great way to spread the word about your organization among the bustling young professional community. Contact us.

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