Mallory McMaster, YNPN Cleveland Member


Meet Mallory! 

YNPN Cleveland Member Mallory McMaster has spent her entire professional career in the nonprofit sector. She says that she’s always looked for positions where she could serve others, and her engagement in numerous organizations in the Cleveland community makes this dedication clear. Mallory told us that the best part of her membership in YNPN Cleveland has been finding like-minded people outside her usual surroundings. She says, “I love meeting people who are ‘fighting the good fight’ from another sector or organization.”

Currently, Mallory works as the Outreach and Advocacy Coordinator for Preterm, a nonprofit independent abortion clinic in Cleveland. Now living in Cleveland Heights, she grew up on a farm in Southern Ohio. She earned a degree in nonprofit administration from Cleveland State University, and then began her career in public hospitals. In addition to working at Preterm, Mallory serves on boards of directors for three related organizations: NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio, NARAL Pro-Choice America, and Women Have Options. In these roles, Mallory uses her knowledge of nonprofit issues to advocate for women in need.

At Preterm, Mallory’s work focuses on combating the shame and stigma surrounding abortion. She organizes free monthly events at Preterm that are open to the public. For some attendees, coming to these events is the first time they’ve been inside of an abortion clinic. Some people are surprised to find such a warm, welcoming environment. Recognizing the need to reach a broader audience, Mallory helped Preterm design billboards and Pandora ads that combat abortion stigma. The newly launched “End the Silence. End the Shame.” billboards can be found in many Cleveland neighborhoods.

When she’s not at work, Mallory says she basically spends her free time surrounded by dogs. An expert in what she calls “helicopter pet parenting,” she started a dog-sitting business on the side because she was too nervous about leaving her own dogs with strangers when she needs to go out of town. If any vacation is worth that risk, though, she says her favorite places to visit are Amsterdam and Paris—both cities with perfect mixes of water, culture, and art. And maybe that’s why she loves Cleveland, too.

Mallory initially became a member of YNPN Cleveland because our large, diverse membership impressed her. She says, “The difference I make in the world matters much more to me than my paycheck,” and many of our members would agree with that statement! If you have any questions, or if you’d like to talk more with Mallory about advocacy and community engagement, she can be reached by email at or on LinkedIn.


Disclaimer: views represented in this text may not reflect the views of YNPN Cleveland. 

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