Meet Our New Board Members!

On June 1, we welcomed three new members to our Board of Directors, and we're so excited to have them as leaders of our organization.  Hopefully, our members and friends will have a chance to meet them all at our upcoming events and programs!  Until then, here are three short profiles to introduce Daniel Basil Hamilton, who will chair our Ambassador Program; Cory Isler, who will serve as Membership Chair; and Simone Swanson, who will chair our Professional Development initiatives.


Daniel Basil Hamilton - Chair, Ambassador Program

Current Job:  Operations Manager at the LGBT Community Center of Greater Cleveland  

Favorite Thing about YNPN Cleveland:  I chose to get involved with YNPN to increase my connections within the non-profit community in Cleveland, hear their stories of working in the field, and to share with other non-profit professionals my experience in the field.  Much of non-profit work centers around developing these strong connections and cooperating across organizations toward a common cause.” 

Hobbies: I am an avid reader. I enjoy food of all sorts (eating, cooking, and baking). I am active in the gaming community (tabletop and video). I also compete weekly with my trivia team. “

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?  “When I was a kid I wanted to be a parapsychologist.  I even went as far as to call up the famous Ed and Lorraine Warren to interview them about their work for a job shadowing assignment.”



Cory Isler - Chair, Membership

Current Job: Membership and Customer Experience Manager at The City Club of Cleveland

Favorite Thing about YNPN Cleveland: “It’s nice to hear from other YPs and talk candidly about issues we are facing at work.”

Hobbies:  “Hang out with my pets (my dog Annie and cat Rocky), try new restaurants, check out as much theater as possible, cook, and drink good beer.”

Who would you pick as your mentor if you could choose anyone who ever lived?  “Probably Martha Stewart – and she’s still alive so it could totally happen!”



Simone Swanson - Chair, Professional Development

Current Job:  Community Liaison at The Gathering Place (TGP)

Favorite Thing about YNPN Cleveland:  "For just makes sense. I work for a nonprofit and have been involved with giving back for pretty much my whole life." 

Hobbies:  Read, sing in my car, explore all the amazing things YouTube has to offer and experience life with family and friends.”

What’s your superpower?  "I can predict things that are going to happen before they happen. It only works when I don’t need it to though."

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