Meet the Board: MacKenzie Phillips, Ex-Officio



MacKenzie Phillips came to Cleveland from Arkansas, and we’re happy she’s here—and that she knew about YNPN from her previous experiences in her Arkansas chapter! Because YNPN is a national network, she knew that finding a Cleveland chapter would bring her in touch with young professionals with similar goals. After serving as YNPN Cleveland’s President (2015-2016), MacKenzie now serves as our Ex Officio to advise the Board of Directors and to build partnerships between YNPN Cleveland and like-minded organizations.


MacKenzie currently works as a Program Coordinator for the Cleveland Regional Perinatal Network (CRPN), a grant funded department within University Hospitals Case Medical Center. Before moving to Cleveland, she served as the Director of Community Programs for the YMCA of Metropolitan Little Rock and earned her master's degree in Public Health from the University of Arkansas for the Medical Sciences. With CRPN, she uses that expertise in child health and programming to assist in reducing infant mortality through the identification, referral, and treatment of maternal mental health. More recently, this project has expanded to include child and adolescent mental health as well.

All of this work keeps MacKenzie on her toes—she says that she loves how her role changes from day to day. It’s a flexible role that involves a combination of public speaking and training, program implementation, fiscal management, and research projects. She currently also serves as a research fellow for Case Western Reserve University in the Partners in Education, Evaluation, and Research (PEER) fellowship program and as a representative for YNPN Cleveland on the Ohio Association of Nonprofit Organizations (OANO) Emerging Leaders Board.

Living in the Kamm’s Corners neighborhood in Cleveland, MacKenzie enjoys having access to so many great things to do on the weekends. From festivals and concerts to keeping up with Cleveland’s sports teams, there is plenty of fun to balance out her hard work. She also loves going running in the Metroparks, walking her dog, and checking out new restaurants in the area. As for hobbies, she calls herself a “hobby bouncer.” She says: “I get into random hobbies, but only for short periods of time, so as a result I’m kind of good at lots of different crafty things. I can kind of sew, kind of crochet, kind of build wooden furniture, kind of make jewelry, kind of knit … the list goes on.”

When it comes to YNPN Cleveland, though, she has remained committed to the members and interactions that are her favorite things about the organization. If you’d like to talk more with MacKenzie about public health in Cleveland or about her involvement in nonprofit advocacy, you can contact her on LinkedIn, on Twitter at @mack_phillips4, or via email at

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