Board Member Spotlight: Simone Swanson

Meet our Professional Development Chair, Simone Swanson.   Continue reading

Top Take-A-Ways from Contemporary Art

On Friday, August 17 a group of young pros met us at MOCA Cleveland where we heard from the museum's Director of Individual Giving and did a group tour.  Continue reading

Job Seekers: August

Using the final days of summer to hunt for a new job? We will be updating this list with non-profit jobs in the area throughout the month of August.  Continue reading

Board Member Spotlight: Erin Zaranec

Meet our new Outreach Chair, Erin Zaranec Continue reading

Board Member Spotlight: Jason Bogdany

Meet our Board Operations Chair, Jason Bogdany Continue reading

Board Member Spotlight: Ruth Brennan

Meet our Ex-Officio, Ruth Brennan Continue reading

Board Member Spotlight: Annette Fetter

Meet our new Board President, Annette Fetter Continue reading

Twitter Chat like a (Nonprofit) Pro

  Many young professionals use Twitter, but you may not be entirely aware of how useful this social media platform can be in helping you expand your network and develop in your career.  For example, have you ever participated in a Twitter Chat? Organized by hashtags (i.e. #YNPNCLE), Twitter Chats allow groups of like-minded people to connect in order to discuss issues that are important to them. Continue reading

Building Relationships with Corporate and Community Groups

Hospice of the Western Reserve Dominion volunteers at Ames Family Hospice House   Imagine that there was a way to simultaneously trim down your nonprofit’s budget, build relationships with local companies and community organizations, and boost your media presence. What could provide all of these benefits? Volunteer groups, of course! Engaging with corporate and community groups is a fantastic opportunity for non-profits. Organizing group volunteer experiences can save thousands in labor dollars while also establishing deeper relationships with these valuable partners. Furthermore, volunteer engagement can be a great public relations tool to generate a positive media presence. Here are some tips for building successful relationships with corporate and community groups: Continue reading