YNPN Cleveland Joins National YNPN Network

YNPN Cleveland is making the leap! After six years as a local chapter with a strong relationship with our national organization, Young Nonprofit Professionals Network, we're officially affiliating with the network by participating in the chapter operating system.

Over the next few months, our chapter will endure a series of changes that will make us stronger, more organized and better positioned to serve our members for years to come.

So what does it look like? Read on to see the components of our new affiliation with the national network. Excerpted from ynpn.org. We're proud to be a part of this transition and look forward to serving our members and our community with more impact in the months and years to come.

Like any good operating system, it focuses on providing the very basics that our chapters and chapter leaders need in order to thrive, and leaves the rest open for chapters to build on their own.  Our core components:

  • Clear affiliation structure – With the support of National, chapters acquire their own tax status and affiliate formally with the network via a clear, Chapter/National-developed agreement which lays out shared standards and expectations for the relationship.
  • Upgraded direct services for chapters – By focusing on peer learning platforms and by providing key infrastructure, our goal at the National level is to show our value to the network by building capacity for chapters to be able to do for themselves.  In addition to building capacity we will leverage our numbers to bring critical direct benefits to chapters at a better rate such as D&O and liability insurance.
  • Shared platform – We chose NationBuilder because it is a fully integrated platform (website, communications, events, and donor management) that will also allow us to gather and compare data across our growing network.
  • Shared membership and investment – Our structure has always been that members join individual chapters directly.  Knowing though that we want our members to have access to the fullest network benefits and connection to the nationwide movement in addition to their local benefits, we’re moving to joint national/local membership so we can leverage our members across the network for advocacy, research, and momentum for change. And all of this will be supported in part by a nominal chapter investment in the national network.

Questions? Contact us at ynpncleveland@gmail.com.

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