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If you read my previous blog post about my experience at the YNPN National Conference in Portland this summer, you got a little taste of who YNPN National is and how our chapter fits into the greater network. My goal in this post is to dig a bit deeper and share some exciting news about how our chapter and you, our members and friends, will begin to connect further with our greater national network.

To give a little background…

The very first YNPN chapter was founded in the San Francisco Bay Area in 1997 when a small group of young nonprofit professionals gathered to commiserate about their shared experience in the sector. After gathering, they soon realized that they weren’t alone in these experiences and sought out other young professionals for support and development.

Over the years, chapters have spread across the country as members of existing chapters relocated to new cities and as other young nonprofit professionals looking to connect heard about YNPN. For many years, YNPN was an all-volunteer organization with a working National Board that provided support and programming for chapter leaders. In 2011, the national network hired its first Executive Director and began to expand its staff as well as its chapter support, programming, and efforts to create a national voice.

Today, the YNPN network serves more than 50,000 members, and has chapters in 42 cities. Are you a YNPN Cleveland Member? If so, you are a part of this amazing national network!

Now that we know who we are and who YNPN National is… let’s talk about some of the updates coming our way!

In reflection of the amazing growth over the past few years, the YNPN National Board of Directors have put an affiliation agreement into place with chapters across the nation to not only better structure the network, but to continue to bring value to those we serve. For years, each chapter has operated independently and slightly differently. While this trend will continue, YNPN believes the time has come to add some more consistency across chapters. This September, our chapter signed the official affiliation agreement to remain a part of this network. This has led to some changes that are exciting and will affect our paid members.

Here are the main things you will see in the coming months and year:

-We’re re-branding! We’re still the same YNPN Cleveland, but our look has been updated to meet network standards. The major change is that our colors are now green and orange. We’re excited about this fresh look and to have cohesive branding with the other chapters across the country.

-You’ll start to hear from YNPN National directly. One part of this agreement is allowing national to connect with our members directly. This is new for communications and will include things like newsletters, updates and surveys. So, to clarify, you’ll be receiving communications both from your YNPN Cleveland Chapter and the YNPN National Network. Just like any other email communications, you have the option to opt-out of the national communications at any time. Please know that your information is SECURE and will not be shared.

-If you’re a paid member of YNPN Cleveland, you are also a paid member of a National Network. This is a very exciting opportunity, as YNPN operates many chapters across the country. This increased visibility will result in national recognition on your resume as well as increased capacity for YNPN Cleveland to bring you high quality programming and professional development opportunities.

We hope that you will be as excited as we are about our new and stronger ties to the national network and that you will enjoy connecting on a deeper level to our greater YNPN community. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email me directly at president.ynpncle@gmail.com. We will continue to be transparent and ask for feedback from our members throughout this transition.

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